Wedding Warriors

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Wedding Warriors

This week, we want to introduce our anonymous bridal panel – brides that have experienced the ups and downs of planning the big day! They’re ready to give you some raw advice…

Stylist Stephanie Schmall reached out to some past brides and asked them what some of their best and worst moments were during their planning period.

“I’m glad I told my Mom OFF!” I can tell you two things: Marriage is awesome, and wedding planning sucks. In all fairness if you can rise above pleasing everyone, especially your Mom, then I guess it wouldn’t suck.. My own mother threatened me with having a separate reception for family that didn’t want to drive so far to my venue! I stuck with my own venue and told my mother to get over it.”
Again, it’s not your mama’s wedding! Be true to you and stick to your guns!

“I fought with my one of my bridesmaids the whole day…”
Be picky about who you ask to stand up for you in your wedding, you would be surprised how many people don’t even speak to their bridesmaids anymore.

“I wish I had done more.”
Add all the bells and whistles! you only get married once so hire the videographer, order the steak, and bring the string quartet, its your day!!!

“I wish I had listened to my stylist snd make up artist.”
Plan your look accordingly taking into consideration what the weather will be. If its 90 and humid, get that hair off of your neck girl!

Erica, Stephanie, Rachel
– Wedding Warriors

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